Characters of the Truthseeker's Quest - Erys
Erystot'l Gurondo

Age: 21

Birthplace: Country of Faux-Barinma, City of Barinarius

Aspectral Power: Aspect of The Pattern - Enshelled (Void Focus)

Bio: All his life Erys was trained to be a soldier, to follow orders. 

It was what he felt made to do. It was what he was supposed to live for. Many of his fellow patriots felt it was their duty, their privilege, their honor, to fight as the footsoldiers of the Divine Authority.

But Erys felt, deep in his heart and mind, that something was terribly wrong.

It was like seeing a strange darkness out of the corner of your eye. It was that sense of foreboding one feels before a coming storm. He couldn't put a finger on it, but he knew something was amiss.

So he looked. He listened. He observed. He researched. And noticed a series of disturbing trends.

His parents and the idyllic village he grew up in? A lie, made to manufacture loyalty.
His 'unprecidented' talent as a soldier? Calculated to be within the margins of error.

His powerful skills? The result of experimentation and breeding.

The further he dived in, the worse it got. And when he rose high enough to start seeing the darkness behind the scenes, what he saw was worse than he could imagine.

So it was that when the Resistance started, he and many under him defected. In doing sothey saved many of their families, though many more were lost.

So it was that he devoted his faculties to studying the Darkness, to know its weakness and combat it.

So it was that he allowed himself to be captured, to be jailed, so and in so doing to free others towards the cause.

While biding his time in jail, he happens across two others whose lives he can save.

Little did he know they would also save his life as well.