The first Myth - Origin
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It was said, in that time before time, that she was born of a light hidden in the bosom of A'ebid himself, even the Light Inexhaustible.


In the heart of the seed she slept, attended to by the songs of his servants, great and small. So it was that she grew and became a great tree, even the tree in the center of the Grand Gardens of Asryalignum. Indeed, when she awoke from her slumber, and emerged from sleep's sweet embrace, to step out into the air of the garden as a spirit, all the creatures of the garden rejoiced at her arrival.

"Behold, The Firstborn of Creation has come!" they shouted. "The First Work is done, and in it she has found his favor. On her boughs, yea, even on the boughs of the Celestient shall great deeds be performed, and through her shall he provide all things to his creation, for in him we all live, breathe, move, and have our being!" 

With her first breath of the air of the garden she felt it. The presence of her Father, her Creator, gave her an essential , unfathomable strength. Yet she knew she was still a child, and devoid of knowledge. Thus, she came regularly to the garden, and sang with the servants and with her Father, learning from them the knowledge needed in the days to come.

There in that time before time, Zyral the Dryad danced, sang, and learned with the Abid'him.

Until the Time before Time, when the Autumn of the Void came.

-End of Part 1

Primordia - the Essential forces of the Universe

Primordia. The Quintessence of the Universe. The center of everything.

It is said that all things that make up the Celestient universe are formed of it. It is said that without it, nothing that exists could remain, including the Celestient itself. 

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Destinua - Force of Consequence and Destiny

All actions result in reactions. For every cause, there is always an effect. This fundamental truth is born out into our every day lives. We breathe, therefore we gain the vital necessities of life. We walk, therefore by walking we transport ourselves over distances, great and small. The Primordial force Destinua governs this hidden but common aspect of our everyday actions.

Mysterai - Force of Change and Balance

All things exist in their highest form in a state of balance. For every inhale of a breath there must be an exhale. Light must be counterbalanced with Darkness. All things adhere to the balance so that life can exist, and the Primordial force of Mysterai governs this balance, and the changes needed for its upkeep.

Fluva - Force of Flow and Intricacy

All things contain energy. The complexity of the flows of energy, the systems needed to contain and harness it, are not possible in a stagnant world. All things move because of energy, and all energy retains its vibrancy and flow through the Primordial force of Fluva.

Elmentai - Force of Structure and Being

All things have form. All things have properties from which they are described. All things have their being, which is, they exist in a stable, knowable form. The primordial force of Elmentai gives all things their properties, their form, and their existence.