The Celestient Universe

The Lunaristoria

"In Asryalignum I take root, drawing upon the waters of Life. Upon my branches dwell my children, overseers of Nature, and Mankind. A thousand ages have I seen their coming and going, and a thousand more shall I remain, in accordance with the Highest will.

You who would seek the Truth, of the Folly of men, and the Grace of the Infinite, come forth and I will grace you with Knowledge.

- The Promise of the Celestient, Anthem of the Truthseekers

The Celestient Universe. A place of profound mystery and wonder. A universe where mankind has been given strength beyond measure.

But all is not right with the world. An imbalance abounds, and monsters, born of the darkness within the hearts of men walk the earth, laying waste to all land under their control, draining Life from all who oppose them.

Thus, an empowered mankind, gifted with the power to shift the seas, burrow through mountains, and gather flame through their gifts  struggle to maintain havens of life and peace for themselves in a dangerous and hostile world.

Come, and explore this sub-created universe through the Lunaristoria, the Library of the True History.