The Moment: Spellcraft Demo

Welcome to the Celestient: The Moment spellcraft demo. This is low fidelity proof-of-concept prototype demonstrating one of the core mechanics of the planned game, the spell craft mechanic. As a low fidelity proof of concept, this is merely a demonstration of what the game is going for and not representative of the final intended product. However, it is here for your enjoyement, so have fun!

As a warning the assets work better with the use of the mouse.

Double click on a predesigned ability to assign it to the button combination designated.

This concept is an early attempt at what is now the sagecraft system. The more advanced system is demonstrated in the Truthseeker's Quest Demo

Controls (Controller/Keyboard):


Movement - (D-Pad/Arrow keys)


Stop Time - (Left shoulder/Spacebar)

Restart time - (Right shoulder/Spacebar)


Cast default spells (Y button/C)


Start spell crafting system:



Stop Time + Y + X buttons in sequence



Stop time + C + Z keys in sequence 


Pause (Start/P)