The first Myth - Origin
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Tales of the Lunaristoria 2 – The First Celestial Autumn

Now of all the spirits who tended the garden, there was none fairer, none more intelligent than Luzimitral. For indeed, those flowers of the garden to which he ware assigned were the fairest and most beautiful of all that were in the garden, in no small part due to his efforts.

For indeed, he sang to them in a pure, sweet voice, and lo, they grew and looped and entwined into great displays of elegance and wonder, merely from the sound of it.

In this A’ebid was well pleased. But, when it came to tending the centermost tree, the one where Zyral rested, he was not allowed to speak to her, nor to touch her, for it was not the proper time.

So it was that a bitterness grew in the heart of Luzimitral, who saw in her, many ways to beautify her beyond anything that existed in the garden, before or since. Yet still as he waited, his summons did not come, and the bitterness continued to grow.

Then, when he saw the first of her flowers about to bloom, he took his chance. He approached her as she descended to the garden, and began singing softly of the beauty that she was, and the beauty that he wanted her so desperately to be.

Yet instead of the song of beauty he desired, a song of Darkness within darkness, a deep shadow formed of emptiness, passed between his lips.

Though it was pleasing to the ear, though it was sweet in the singing, the nothingness twisted the Celestient; indeed, it twisted it as if to form a branch that never was, and never would be, and hollowed out the inside, turning it black like pitch.

Zyral screamed and fainted, the shock of such unexpected pain, of such defilement, too much for her to bear. The Ab’idim came rushing to her aid, and rebuked their brother for the pain he had caused her. But in his eyes, for the sacrifice of such a hollow, he saw her branches become more full, more intricate, more beautiful.

And when A’ebid his father and lord stood before him, he plead his case to no avail.

“This task I gave you, to await the proper time. The time had not yet come, yet indeed you sought to bend my child to your own will. Rest then, in the place formed of your errors.”

Thus was the Fairest of the Garden imprisoned in The Hollow, and the Firstborn set to sleep for another season.

Thus was the first Autumn of the Garden. And yet its first-fruit still ripened.

Primordia - the Essential forces of the Universe

Primordia. The Quintessence of the Universe. The center of everything.

It is said that all things that make up the Celestient universe are formed of it. It is said that without it, nothing that exists could remain, including the Celestient itself. 

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Destinua - Force of Consequence and Destiny

All actions result in reactions. For every cause, there is always an effect. This fundamental truth is born out into our every day lives. We breathe, therefore we gain the vital necessities of life. We walk, therefore by walking we transport ourselves over distances, great and small. The Primordial force Destinua governs this hidden but common aspect of our everyday actions.

Mysterai - Force of Change and Balance

All things exist in their highest form in a state of balance. For every inhale of a breath there must be an exhale. Light must be counterbalanced with Darkness. All things adhere to the balance so that life can exist, and the Primordial force of Mysterai governs this balance, and the changes needed for its upkeep.

Fluva - Force of Flow and Intricacy

All things contain energy. The complexity of the flows of energy, the systems needed to contain and harness it, are not possible in a stagnant world. All things move because of energy, and all energy retains its vibrancy and flow through the Primordial force of Fluva.

Elmentai - Force of Structure and Being

All things have form. All things have properties from which they are described. All things have their being, which is, they exist in a stable, knowable form. The primordial force of Elmentai gives all things their properties, their form, and their existence.