Character Introduction: Zynk - The Spiral Sage

"I didn't survive the streets of Lenathre to die in a blasted forest!"

A former thief, Zynk thought that, like many around him, he would be stuck forever on the streets of the great city of Barinma, forced by necessity to join a league of thieves just to fill his belly. He never thought he would be adopted into nobility. He never thought he would have a real family again. And he especially did not expect to be able to become a scholar. Yet all of these came to pass.

Now, all of these things are being threatened. His new home. His new family. His new life. His new friend. And in order to protect them all, he must rely on the resourcefulness of a thief, the strength of a warrior, and the smarts of a scholar if he is to survive the Soothsayer Forest.

Zynk is the main character of the Soothsayer Forest game. His character card and stats will be available soon on the game design page. Look forward to it!