A late but enthusiastic update

Hello all,

It has been a while, but I have been through a lot.

A week or two ago I attended a game developer conference. It was a wonderful and exceptional experience. I met a lot, learned a lot, and felt the best about the direction I am going in than I ever had before.

That being said, there will be several changes coming.

Primarily, I now have a more solidified path towards the final goal. And the first step is a smaller game with the central mechanic, and expanding from there. This is a difficult endeavor, to be sure. But I believe it is possible.

Don't take this the wrong way. The Soothsayer Forest is very much going to be a thing.

Things might change a bit (Designs updating, stories changing slightly) but I am still set on that. If I can get this smaller project done, though, it will serve as a major step towards that goal as well, as the larger project has mechanics that are (comparatively) less intense to implement than the Sagecraft system. Finally, the next few posts will entail the influences of my work. I hope that you readers will find them as interesting as I do.