The Current (Frustrating) State

I am sorry to all who have been even remotely interested in the work that I have been doing over the past few weeks/month. Below is a video demonstrating the end result.

You may wonder why, given that the game demonstration is in at least a decently playable state, I have not uploaded it for you to interact with and give feedback on. That is the point of frustration. See, I did upload it, but a key element is missing when I did so. That being the Sagecraft Grid, the element that glows and changes in the background as you select the elements (it shows up around 13 seconds into the video). It is completely gone, vanished in the uploaded version. I have tried several means of presenting this game for you all, and all of them have failed in one way or another (My last attempt is possible, but will take a lot of time.) This leads me with more annoyin news as a result. I made that element in Spine, an animation software which supposedly helps save time and processing in the creation of various animations through the use of what is termed 'Skeletal animation'. I did so in the hopes of practicing in the use of Spine and the creation of more beautiful animations. I succeeded in both, but the result is this frustrating situation. I want to be able to provide something for players to interact with. With that in mind, this damages my prospects for the use of Construct 2 for the small game, at least with skeletal animation of this nature. I am not giving up, this is just one more major setback. I am trying to revamp the game so that you all can interact with it in the future.

In some lighter news, I have reconnected with a video game design group based in Philadelphia. They are having a printing and presentation event going on at the beginning of next month, so my goal is to have something more interesting to present by that point.

With that in mind, and with the new ability to create and upload my gameplay progress on youtube (which I couldn't before) expect to see more in the future from me!