A New Day Dawns

It has been far too long.

Old Sagecraft System Setup

For those who have been interested in me and the work that I am doing, thank you for your patience, and my apologies for not responding for such an excessive period of time. When last I posted, I was in a frustrated state. I had gathered my resources and created content built for people to play. It played well. It worked well (though a bit buggy). I was excited for you to get your hands on even a taste of what I wanted to make and still want to make for the future.

Then, when it was uploaded, a key part of it didnt work. I tried everything, and still the uploaded game kept giving me such issues that I was flabbergasted. I was frustrated, I was angry, and I didnt know where to go from there.

It was the closest that I have ever gotten to giving up. But thanks to the encouragement of others, I didnt.

So I tried again.

I started from scratch. I built upon what I learned from the previous failures.

I failed again. Twice.

Whether it was a crash or a loss of data, these setbacks, did only that. They set me back, they put me behind, but they did not stop me. I am finally back because at long last I have something tangible to show for my labors, something that, while incomplete, is something to present to you as those who have encouraged me through this past difficult year. Two years ago I said the Celestient will bloom, and in one way or another, it will.

I have so much to show, so many opportunities I've been blessed with, so many ways that I have been encouraged, that I can do nothing but stand firm in my determination to make this game a reality. I am therefore joyfully presenting to you the work I've been focusing on for the past year or so (specifically since around May if you want to be technical, since that was when I had my last setback), The Truthseeker's Quest (Working title, still trying to change the title in-game). For those interested, the game is presented on itch.io and my website as well! To access it on itch.io, click the image below with the main character's eyes. I have also started a 4 part series introduction to the Celestient Universe under the Lore segment of the page named Tales of the Lunaristoria. You can check it out by clicking the image of the mysterious dancer to the right.

Thank you for being willing to follow my work. I intend to post content every two days or so now, especially as my work is progressing steadily. I will also be updating my Proof of Concept regularly, and will be posting on this blog when the updates will be happening.

Keep up to date and have fun trying out the demo!

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