The next steps

Hello all,

Sorry that I haven't posted in ages, as is my unfortunate tendency. I am however giving everyone an update on where things stand and where things are going. Starting a few months ago, I've been taking a course on Indie game development, which has strongly solidified my understanding of how to approach game creation, creating repeatable processes, and making a product that is appealing to players, as well as finding and building an audience. All of this knowledge is information that I have sought for years, and I feel blessed to have finally found the right information from a good source.

That being said, there are changes coming as a result! Firstly, the Truthseeker's Quest is going to be put on ice. Note that this doesn't mean that I am ending the project! Far from it, in fact.

One of the major things I learned from the classes I've taken is that I need to a system and/or concept and build on it towards larger goals and projects. Additionally, I have learned to take steps to find and build an audience using smaller projects, and expand on that audience. With these in mind, I am setting the Truthseeker's Quest as my goal game, with a set of smaller projects intended to build up to that larger one.

The first one is going to be a simpler setup game to feel out my audience. I call it Project Lunaristorian!

Lunaristorian will follow a different character Anreyes Sanct-Hoyon, through a small series of levels. The game will be designed to be short, sweet, and most importantly a taste of how I want to set things up for future games. I look forward to showing you more of this character, as well as the improvements to the Sagecraft system that I'm making!