Soothsayer Forest

Project Soothsayer is a long-term project that I plan to build up to.

As such, though it technically is on hold, I will be updating this page from time to time with designs and ideas. Look for them!


Yesterday Zynk had merely been an above average scholar with an extra-ordinary past. He did his work, and did it well, all the while hoping to gain the skills needed to make use of his father's inheritance.

Today he wakes to find himself trapped in a cage with the lame son of the ruler of mankind, trapped in a forest by dark magic, and bound to an object that, in the wrong hands, could spell doom for the world. 

Together Zynk and his friend Casperian must travel through the fabled and labyrinthine Soothsayer Forest fighting off monsters, a dark league of mages, and more, in order to find their way back home.

Genre: Action-RPG platformer

Key Features: 

  • Combat Crafting: Players are given the character's unique skills and abilities as a base from which to create their own slect abilities and accentuate their own playstyle

  • Strategic Action Combat: Players will have to use the extent of their understanding of the character's abilities and the enemy's capabilities in order to fight effectively.

  • Instanced and Level based combat: Players will fight on stages on the world map based on visual location (in the vein od many rpgs), and in traditional 'levels' based on specified locations

  • Dynamic Combat: Slam enemies into each other, Create damaging fields and paralyzing strikes... use all your skills to your advantage in this combat intensive game.

  • Elemental equipment: Equip specialized jewels that increase your stats, as well as providing offensive, defensive, and utilitarian effect. Pair them up to strengthen or adjust these effects.

  • Story: Follow the story of Zynk as he struggles with the nature, responsibility, and potential of his unique gifts.