Truthseeker's Quest


They claimed it was the end of the world.

They claimed that within the Empire that spanned the heavens, a darkness festered that corrupted all who served it.

They claimed that only by knowing and seeking after The Truth, could people save themselves in the midst of the chaos of the world.

Their words were compelling, but Mirus had his doubts. That is, until he and his brother Titus were thrown into prison for crimes he didnt commit, and his entire view of the world was torn apart and flipped upside down.

Journey with Mirus, his brother Titus, and their friend Erys as they seek out the Order that was their undoing... and which may very be their last hope: The Truthseekers.

Genre: Action-RPG platformer

Key Features: 

  • Sagecraft: Players are given the character's unique skills and abilities as a base from which to create their own attacks, to accentuate their own unique playstyle.

  • Strategic Action Combat: Players will have to use the extent of their understanding of the character's abilities and the enemy's capabilities in order to fight effectively.

  • Instanced and Level based combat: Players will fight on stages on the world map based on visual location (in the vein of many rpgs), and in traditional 'levels' based on specified locations

  • Story: Follow the story of Mirus and his friend as he combats dark forces in order to seek the the Truthseeker Order.


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