Characters of the Truthseeker's Quest - Titus
Titus Horoman

Age: 19

Birthplace: Country of  Azer-Lucidium, City Unknown

Aspectral Power: Aspect of The Datamonger - Holgian

Bio: Free spirited and impulsive, Titus seemed to be born to cause trouble in the orphanage where he grew up, despite all of the lectures, punishments and protests of the benefactors who ran it. "A little bit of fun harms no one" was a idiom he seemed to live by, and soon he became the one notorious for every little prank and gaff that was pulled off, though it was almost never malicious and always intended in good fun. And it seemed that with everything he pulled off, he always somehow roped in Mirus, for good or for ill. While this occasionally frustrated Mirus to the point of blows, there grew a bond between them that was so unbreakable, they somehow convinced (from Titus's knowledge) a wonderful couple, the Horomans, to adopt them both into their family. 


Then, one day when they were playing out in the forest at the edge of their property, there was an argument. Both of them lost their cool. And the results were catastrophic. 


When it was over, an acre of the forest was gone. And it was all his fault.

They were put on 'the pill', because of him. He knew what it was, but shielded Mirus from the truth. As a result, they grew distant, and he fell into a double life: Gifted Linguist by day, Clam-dust addict by night. 


But, after being dumped by a nightly fest gone sour, he discovered a group of people who reached out to him. There he found people who cared for him genuinely, who treated him as family, and helped him with his struggles. He convinces his brother to come as well, to gain access to the help and healing he knew they needed.

Unbeknownst to him, they had found so much more.