Truthseeker's Quest Demo

Welcome to my Proof of Concept demo for the Truthseeker's Quest!

Please bear in mind that, as a proof of concept, this is in a pre-alpha stage and does not yet contain all the intended mechanics for the game.

For this demo, a controller is highly recommended for the best experience.

Known Bugs:
Certain abilities (Guarding, using certain skills) cause brief framedrops.
Use of the keyboard makes the animations not transition correctly.

Next Goal:
Work on Known Bugs, Add Enemy healthbars to the game.

Controller/Keyboard Controls are as follows:
Left Joystick/Arrow Keys <> -  Move left and right
A/Spacebar - Jump
X/D - Regular Attack. 

Y/W - Power attack. 

B/A - Dodge.

Left & Right Button/S - Guard 

Left & Right Trigger/Shift - Enter Sagesight Mode

(Important note: Holding one of the triggers puts you in the SageSight state, which changes what the other buttons do. it needs to be held down (noted by the bar visible) to take effect.)

Trigger/Shift + X/D - Activate Charge Skill [Currently Chain platforms].

Trigger/Shift + Y/W - Activate 'Pattern' Skill